What does the Alliance aim to facilitate? 

Cities and regional areas across California are exploring local public banking and each will face similar challenges in the process. Rather than allow each movement to develop in isolation, we will provide a central network for activists and their counterparts in other cities to exchange ideas, provide guidance, and coordinate political and social efforts. By connecting through our organization, public bank organizers can gain and give invaluable advice and tools to other organizers.


How will the California municipal public bank license be developed?

We will draft the proposed legislation of the public bank charter, organize statewide lobbying efforts to identify key legislators in both chambers, and successfully pass the legislation through the California State Legislature- State Senate and Assembly. We will provide templates, tools and guidance for activists and elected officials in other states to lobby their state governments on the proper development of these licenses.


Why is a Public Bank Charter License Bill needed?

A Public Bank Charter License Bill would establish a regulatory framework for a system of public banks in the state that includes: a socially responsible charter, prohibiting the bank from opening retail locations, anti-corruption clauses, 100% transparency, a board of directors that includes persons associated with community development as well as financial experts, and prohibiting the bank from competing with community banks and credit unions. These safeguards will ensure the best bank possible.


Are there plans to expand the movement? 

This is only the beginning. Our vision is for socially responsible local public banks to spring up across the nation. We will be activating networks in new cities and campaigning to inspire activists and elected officials to develop public banks. Outreach campaigns will identify potential organizers through coalition networks and provide them with the orientation and tools to organize a public bank campaign in their city.

Are you looking to create or join a public banking campaign in your city or region?