Californians Need A “Bank of Good”

Californians Need A “Bank of Good”

Public banking is on a roll! On Wednesday March 30, 2022, over 170 community members joined the California Public Banking Alliance (CPBA) Town Hall featuring elected officials from cities and regions actively working to form public banks. People across the nation are turning out to learn more about public banking — and Californians are at the forefront of making public banks a reality for the first time in generations.

Public banking activists, politicians and financial experts are busy producing viability studies and business plans so that public banks can come online in the near future. Public banks are a powerful tool to keep taxpayer dollars reinvested in local communities. We’re grateful for the leadership provided by legislators from five cities (Los Angeles, San Francisco, Long Beach, Richmond, and Santa Cruz) joining us to discuss their commitment to making public funds work for the public by their courageous efforts to establish local public banks.

If you missed last week’s town hall, tune in to the replay.


Thank you to all participants for joining in a robust town hall chat. We’ve added answers to your questions and comments in this document.

Read our event wrap-up on the CPBA Medium page.

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