Voices of the California Progressive Alliance

Voices of the California Progressive Alliance

SF Bay View – January 17, 2020. About 500 people gathered in the Pauley Ballroom on the University of California-Berkeley’s campus for the second annual meeting of the California Progressive Alliance (CPA) on Jan. 12. Trinity Tran of the California Public Banking Alliance spoke to Diana Cabcabin:

“Public banking is an idea that we introduced into the California State Legislature in 2019. It took a considerable amount of work to build political capital behind this bill and move the public banking conversation into the political mainstream. We are not the first organization to pass a state public banking bill [AB 857], but what we accomplished was extraordinary.

“This was a high profile and controversial bill facing heavy opposition from nine big financial firms but, without any corporate funding, we coordinated strategy with activists and supporters from across the state and got it passed. We built an endorsement list of 200 statewide regional and community organizations, including national organizations like Our Revolution and national figures like Sen. Bernie Sanders, who backs this bill.”

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