Public Banking is part of the Economic Democracy Program at Cooperation Humboldt.  Since the passage of AB 857, Cooperation Humboldt is partnering with the City of Eureka and local leaders from the sectors of finance and organized labor on a citizens’ task force to investigate the feasibility of participating in a regional public bank.


2020/2021 Campaign Updates:

Public Banking is part of the Economic Democracy Program at Cooperation Humboldt. We have focused on educating elected officials and staff about AB 857. We have also been identifying local “people of influence” (many former bankers) for one-on-one conversations. In Feb 2020 we will facilitate a public presentation to discuss AB 857 and AB 310, co-hosted by the Central  Labor Council, Humboldt Democratic Party, Humboldt Green Party, and the North Coast People’s Alliance.

We are currently lining up the following public presentations:

Redwood Region Economic Development Commission (in collaboration with Chris Petlock of Sonoma group)
Arcata Economic Development Commission
Eureka Economic Development Commission
Humboldt County Economic Development Commission
Eureka Chamber of Commerce
Arcata Chamber of Commerce
North Coast People’s Alliance

David Cobb will also be writing a column for the EcoNews monthly publication on how Public Banking can be used to finance climate solutions.

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Date 29 August 2017