2020 Campaign Updates:

Public Banking is part of the Economic Democracy Program at Cooperation Humboldt.  Since the passage of AB 857 we have focused on educating elected officials, their staff, and the various local and regional economic development agencies about the new law. We have also been slowly identifying some local “people of influence” who are former bankers to have one-on-one conversations.

We have determined that our best option is to convince local elected officials to try to become depositors in some other Public Banks rather than trying to create a “Public Bank of the Northcoast.” We are engaging with folks in San Francisco and Truckee as possibilities.

We are currently lining up the following public presentations:

Redwood Region Economic Development Commission (in collaboration with Chris Petlock of Sonoma group)
Arcata Economic Development Commission
Eureka Economic Development Commission
Humboldt County Economic Development Commission
Eureka Chamber of Commerce
Arcata Chamber of Commerce
North Coast People’s Alliance

David Cobb will also be writing a column for the EcoNews monthly publication on how Public Banking can be used to finance climate solutions.

2019 Campaign Updates:

Cooperation Humboldt is dedicated to building a solidarity economy on the CA northcoast. Public Banking is a central component of our transformational  vision for a socially just and ecologically sustainable regional economy. We are working closely with members of the Eureka City Council, as well as the Humboldt County Tax Assessor as we research options and build broad public support.

We are also working closely with Friends of Public Banking Santa Rosa to explore the possibility of creating a Joint Powers Authority (JPA) with the city of Santa Rosa in order to meet expected capitalization needs.

Our inaugural launch event will be a Public Banking Forum on May 14th at 7pm at the Eureka Labor Temple, located at 840 E. St in Eureka. We are pleased to announce that this event is co-sponsored by the Humboldt Del-Norte Central Labor Council​ and Cooperation Humboldt. We have also extended invitations to all political parties.

Confirmed speakers are:

 Tom Sgouros with the Just Public Finance program at the Haas Institute at UC Berkeley and Shelly Browning of Friends of Public Banking Santa Rosa.

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Date 29 August 2017