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Public Bank LA is a grassroots advocacy organization working to keep the City of Los Angeles’ money within our communities working to benefit the people, not Wall Street Banks. Banking for people and planet. For the 99%.
We lead the Measure B campaign, a 2018 City of Los Angeles ballot initiative.

Campaign update:

Measure B received 44.15% of the votes with 430,488 Angelenos voting yes to a public bank, an astonishing achievement from a grassroots, volunteer-run campaign with little funding.

Following Measure B, we are now focusing 100% of our efforts on building the California Public Banking Alliance coalition and leading the AB 857 campaign.

Campaign summary: LA City Council is in the process of creating their own in-house feasibility study through the Chief Legislative Analyst and City Administrative Officer, Office of Finance, and City Attorney’s office. The motion will stay in Committee until it’s ready to move into full council with a long series of recommendations. Some of the issues the City will study and report on include: regulatory barriers, purpose and structure, oversight, capitalization, liability and risks, implementation, and the budget and staffing of the bank. The City Administrative Officer has released a report that creates a basic outline of the City’s financing processes, policies, programs, and infrastructure financing alternatives.

Public Bank LA has submitted a letter to LA City Council addressing several key issues associated with forming the Municipal Bank of Los Angeles (MBLA) including: collateral, insurance, city charter amendment, and the state initiative for the Public Bank License. Below is a link to the letter which we sent to offices at LA City Hall including the: Chief Legislative Analyst (CLA), City Administrative Office and the Office of Finance and the Councilmembers on the Ad Hoc Jobs Committee regarding the CLA report on the MBLA.

On April 10, 2018, the Los Angeles County Democratic Party (LACDP) unanimously voted to endorse the Public Bank of Los Angeles, taking a position in favor of socially and environmentally responsible, state-chartered public banks. The resolution is a significant milestone for the public banking movement, as the LACDP represents over 2.4 million registered Democrats.

On June 29, 2018, the Los Angeles City Council unanimously approved a resolution for a measure that will appear on the November 6, 2018 ballot, giving Los Angeles voters the power to authorize the formation of a municipal bank under Section 104(g) of the City Charter. With authority provided by the voters, the City will be able to pursue changes in federal and State law needed to achieve the creation of a municipal bank.

On July 15, 2018, the California Democratic Party (CDP) passed a resolution supporting socially and environmentally responsible, state-chartered public banks. The CDP represents over 8.7 million registered Democrats.

On November 6, 2018, 44% of Angelenos voted to support Measure B. The measure would have allowed the City to explore the creation of a public bank. Although the Measure was defeated, the Yes on B campaign generated national press, garnered the endorsements and support of over 150 unions, democratic clubs, social justice, environmental and community organizations, and brought the issue to the forefront of politics in Los Angeles as well as the national stage.

The Measure B campaign and the dozens of public banking movements rising across the country within the past year are proof that this is an idea with widespread support and will continue to grow. It’s the inevitable evolution of a private banking system that has only served the interests of a small, handful of people. Public banking presents a viable solution to Wall Street and it’s an idea that isn’t going to go away. We are now focusing on the California Public Banking Alliance to advance statewide legislation enabling localities to establish public banks.  This is just the beginning of the national movement. And it’s a fight we are certain will be won.

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Legislative resources:
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Public Bank LA Letter to LA City Council, March 22, 2018.
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